• 90-day earmold FIT GUARANTEE

    Please allow a 2-week break-in period for ears to adjust to new earmolds prior to having any modifications/remakes due to discomfort.  We highly recommend using the ear lubricant provided during the break-in period; this assists with proper and easier insertion, and helps to prevent any discomfort while the ears are adjusting to a new fit.


    We will modify or remake an earmold within 90 days if it does not fit correctly, is uncomfortable, if we made a manufacturing error, or if filters need to be switched to a lesser or higher sound reduction.  The original product must be sent back in order to be warrantied, along with a warranty form.  New impressions are required for all remakes, but are not required for modifications.  The following are not available under the 90-Day Fit Guarantee: Style changes, material changes, colour changes, lost earmolds. HearSmart Solutions Inc. reserves the right to determine the appropriate adjustment, modification, or remake to any warranty item.


    We will repair or remake an earmold within 3 years if it breaks, cracks, or splits, due to manufacturing defect, or material failure.  The following are not covered under the 3-Year Earmold Material Warranty: Style changes, material changes, colour changes, lost earmolds, fit issues, cords, anchors, filters, drivers, cables.


    We will repair/replace electronics including drivers or radio accessories within 2 years due to defects or component failure.  The following are not included under the 2-Year Electronics Warranty:  Earphone and Monitor cables, filters, water, moisture, or wax damage.


    *Warranties do not cover damage resulting from unauthorized repair or modification, misuse, abuse, accident, negligence, or improper operation or maintenance.  Accessories such as cords, cables, and filters are guaranteed to be in working order at the time of delivery.

WARRANTY guarantee




HearSmart Solutions Inc. proudly offers industry leading warranties to back our products.


If you purchased your product through one of our Providers, please deal with them directly for any warranty issues.  Before returning your product to us for a modification or repair; please refer to our troubleshooting tips to see if the issue can be easily resolved.  If you still need to send your product back to us, please include a warranty form explaining the issue, and provide us with your name, contact information, and a shipping address where we can return your product.   The product must be sent into the lab in order to be warrantied or remade.


The Customer is responsible for shipping charges when sending warranty items to the lab.  We do not accept Collect on Delivery (COD) shipments.   When the product is under warranty, HearSmartTM covers the cost of standard shipping charges to return the item back.  For all out of warranty repairs, re-molds, or modifications, the Customer is responsible for shipping charges both ways.  Before completing any work on an out of warranty product, we will call you with an estimate for the repair, and will charge shipping.  Ship to the following address:

HearSmart Solutions Inc.

Unit 108 - 20644 Eastleigh Crescent

Langley, BC  V3A 4C4