HearSmart Solutions Inc. will go onsite for groups of 5 people or more.  We efficiently take impressions of 4 people every 20 minutes; therefore, we can reduce the amount of time employees are away from their work.  It is most effective if the employer schedules the employees based on coverage and shifts.  Alternatively, you can send us a name list and we can schedule them for you.  If scheduling is not possible, we simply have each person grab the next employee when they’re finished.


Most employers either cover the full cost of the custom hearing protectors, or provide a cost share with the employees. We can also bring a debit/credit machine onsite if the employees are paying individually.  If the employer is covering the cost and would like Net/30 Terms, we require a Credit Application to be filled out to open an account.  Alternatively, the employer can pay at the time of the impressions by credit card or company cheque.


We offer a tiered quantity discount structure with a discount price per product based on 3 levels of how many people are being fit: 10+ people, 25+ people, and 50+ people.  It is not necessary for all of the products to be the same as long as the over-all number of people being fit falls under one of the discount levels.   For discounts to apply, the orders must all be placed at the same time.  Please call us for details.


We include an instruction card with every order to detail proper insertion, removal, cleaning, and maintenance.  If we have fit a large group onsite, we can return to provide a fitting on each individual for orders that includes 10 or more sets.  Otherwise, we ship the product to your facility with instruction cards as mentioned above.  We are always available via phone or email for support as well.