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  • EARPHONES/Monitors

    • Alvin Murray, Calgary

      "Several years ago I was looking for a solution to be able to ride my motorcycle and still be able to be connected to my music. I was introduced to CJ and Sarah from Hearsmart Solutions and they showed me their custom earphones. Now even though they were based in Vancouver and I live in Calgary I arranged for myself and eleven other riders to have a breakfast party at my home and CJ flew into Calgary and joined us and took moulds of all of our ears and I have never looked back. We received our ear plugs three weeks later. In fact I am on my second set having upgraded to the dual drivers which did not require another visit as they had kept my ear impressions on record.


      I also travel a lot and the comfort of the plugs versus over the ear headphones on long flights is amazing not to mention drowning out the irritating noise of the plane. I would highly recommend CJ and Sarah and Hearsmart Solutions for both customer service and quality of their products.


      P.S. as a side note I was organizing a fund raiser for a young couple who were having a baby with severe medical conditions and when CJ and Sarah found out they not only donated a cash sum but also provided us with a set of earphones to auction off. Their hearts are as big as their commitment to their customers."


      -Alvin Murray


      "Big shout out to Sarah and CJ for my new Bluetooth ear phones.  Exceptional customer service and product. as good as my other earphones are that you made me these are a step up with no wires. Hook up to my audio devices was simple through the Bluetooth and big bonus that I was unaware of is that I can be listening to my music and when my phone rings I can answer it without interruption due to the speaker in the controller.  Also great for working out as your arms don't get caught up in the wires while running. Thank you again great companies all have one thing in common and that is great customer service and you guys have nailed it.


      -Alvin Murray

    • Shady D,  Vancouver

      "Sound, a quality of life that we take for granted everyday because our brains are polluted with so much noise from daily life. Is silence the answer? I used to think so, but I've experienced something more moving than pure silence. An experience. The experience of hearing sound in it's most true form. Pure, unadulterated art, the way it was conceived by the artist.


      Nothing has given my ears and mind more joy than the experience of hearing, and visualizing the vision of an artist in its true to life form. These monitors, the AFE-3 Pros from HearSmartSolutions have changed the way I perceive music. No longer do I listen for the lyrics or the beat, but I experience the music as intended by the creator. I can feel the strum of the guitar strings, the pounding of the bass drum, and the vibrations from the sax. It becomes me, and my music, and the world fades into a background visual effect.


      The crispy clear bass is outstanding, exactly what you want in a reference in-ear-monitor at this price point. The Mids and Highs match the quality of the lows and excel furthermore. There seems to be no genre of music that these drivers cannot excel with, you can listen to anything from electronica, to classical and everything in between with excellent clarity and sound reproduction. The impedance is low enough that an amp is not required to reach the potential of this device.The volume is amazing, in fact they have such a high output that I can barely listen to it at 50% volume on any device due to potential hearing loss. Details are so clear with multi instrument music that even the quietest of tracks come through with great detail.


      Fit is a crucial component to positive listening experience, and this device is outstanding. You would be hard pressed to find a company that makes 3-driver silicone molds at this price point, in any part of North America. The material is high quality and very comfortable, while providing the most important part of a great listening experience: seal. The ability to perfectly seal your ears means that you guarantee the most optimal setting. The length of the driver's canal is great, as it sits deep in the ear canal and allows for excellent resonance.


      The only Issue I ran into was maintenance. Without proper care the canal of the monitors can get clogged and damage the drivers. Any contact with moisture will also damage the drivers. These are a high quality product that can be used for activities, but must be cleaned after use and kept in a dry place, for they are sensitive. This is not an issue with this specific set, but rather the fundamental flaw with the technology. To get a truly great sound experience and custom fit, you must sacrifice the ability to withstand water, dust, and dirt, which is a very worthy trade off.

      With that being said, fear not, because the service that I received was outstanding. CJ and company took care of me from day one. Answering calls and giving me information as clearly and precisely as possible while laying out all of my options. They are very fair in their pricing for repairs and have good communication with status and turn around times. The build time is pretty standard with the industry, but the fact that they are a Canadian company makes me want to support them even more (personally speaking).


      Obviously if you were to pay more to get 4 driver all the way up to 12 driver monitors from other companies your experience would improve (as would cost, by quite a lot), but for the cost of this device, and the resulting quality and service, I cannot think of another company I would have spent my money on. After hours of research before buying these, I now know I made the right choice. The purchase of the AFE 3's was well worth the money and the wait. It has thus far been the best purchase of my life.


      -Shady D

    • Jaro Wardwell,  Calgary

      "I bought a pair of AFH-2XB Audiofuse Dual Driver Earphones at the Calgary motorcycle show Jan 2015. I've tried MANY different off the shelf IEM's and could never find any that fit well, stayed in my ears during workouts and sounded good. I had about lost hope until I came across the fine folks at HearSmart Solutions.


       I chose the dual driver models as a good compromise between cost and sound. They just arrived today so I've been testing them out this evening. WOW, I wish I had come across these guys about 15 years ago! The fit so well I don't even notice them in my ears, they sound AMAZING and fit well under my helmet. I haven't tried them anywhere other than my desk but I can tell they won't budge so I'm stoked to give them a good test at the gym or on my mountain bike. I was a little skeptical of spending that much $$ on headphones but I'm a very satisfied customer already!


      I'll try to provide some more feedback after I give them some good real world tests. Thanks!"


    • Trevor Cairns, Calgary

      Great company, with excellent service. I have the dual driver custom musician in ear monitors that I bought a few years ago, the sound they produce is equal to or better than the triple driver Shure monitors I also have.... I had a minor issue with one monitor just under the warranty time period. CJ told me to send them back. I did and the turn around time was quite quick considering they are a province away..... I have not had any issues since and use them regularly...


      The process for getting them fitted with being a province away was quite simple and stress free.... for any musicians looking into IEM's I recommend that you give this Canadian business a chance over the American companies that do custom IEM's (you know the ones!)."



    • Brenden Kennedy, Vancouver

      "Just got my dual driver earphones today and love them! I recommend going for the dual drivers or above as the sound is much better. Very pleased and highly recommended!"



    • Waylon Kosinski

      "Awesome product awesome people a step up in quality and customer service over anyone else in the industry"


      -Waylon Kosinski

    • Jan Murray, Calgary

      "After many years of complaining that I could not find ear phones that were comfortable and offered decent quality sound my husband recommended I try custom made ear phones from Hearsmart Solutions. He has several pairs that he has used for listening to his music and wearing while riding his motorcycle. We travel extensively on very long haul flights and it has always been irritating to me to not be able to comfortably listen to the sounds of the movies on planes etc. I have had many different types and brands of earphones over the years but nothing that I could wear for any extended period of time. CJ and Sarah took moulds of my ears and I am now the proud owner of wireless ear phones and being a girl they made the moulds in sparkling pink for me lol.


      Because they are moulded exactly to my ear canal they are just an extension of my ear so are very comfortable and I don’t even realize they are there. Great sound quality and I can’t wait for our next trip so I can enjoy the movies and music like my husband does. I work out each morning and they have been great as my arms don’t get caught up in wires. Big shout out to CJ and Sarah for their exceptional customer service and I am sold on custom moulds. "


      -Jan Murray

    • Karam Badrudin, Calgary

      "I wanted to write a quick note to thank you for thriving for excellence. After receiving my custom earphones I will now add these to the list of items that quality can't be compromised. Treat yourself to a comfy pair of shoes, make sure to buy a good mattress and I would also strongly suggest getting a pair of these insane earphones from HearSmart. These are comfortable, convenient and affordable. Great job HearSmart, you've just acquired a lifelong customer!"


      -Karam Badrudin


    • Justin Mizzy Mejia, Vancouver

      "I got referred to this company by my boss and it was nothing short of amazing. I heard about them on Thursday morning, went there Friday morning. They did a quick consultation on what would be best for my needs and then the ear moulds. I find I have trouble with foam ear plugs and can't wait to receive my custom fit pair.


      CJ was a pleasure to deal with and made me feel right at home. I could tell he was looking out for my best interest and not just trying to make money of me and that makes me want to be a repeat customer and spread their brand. They are going to be manufacturing them and sending them to me before I need them for my next job in 2.5 weeks. Great company and great staff!"



    • Bradley Dillman, Kelowna

      "Just tried out my new sleeves (I use Shure SE846s) and they are easily the best fit I've ever had with custom moulds! Worth the money, worth the time."


      -Bradley Dillman

    • Ed Nizzam,  Toronto

      "I have been using my ER Musican earplugs and absolutely do not leave home without them!

      Highly recommend Hear Smart Solutions! Christian did a phenomenal job and Sarah was awesome to deal with! Possibly the best investment I have ever made! Thanks Guys!!!"


      -Ed Nizzam